Whitetail Hunting Facts

How big are the deer in your area?

The Dakota strain of whitetail deer, native to our area, is the largest of all North American Whitetail Species in both body size and weight.

What is the average score of the bucks taken in your camp?

We classify a “Trophy Buck” as a deer scoring 150 B&C of better. Over the years we have taken hundreds of bucks in the 150-180 B&C range and larger. We have also taken some true “World Class” giants including a 248 inch B&C monster which is still today the largest whitetail ever taken by a non-resident in all of Canada.

What is your success rate?

It will generally run in the 65-75% range on a yearly basis. Keep in mind we have many repeat (up to 20 years) hunters that only hunt true giants. So our hunters let a lot of the good bucks walk every year. We want our guests to harvest upper end trophies and the “number” of deer harvested is not nearly as important to us as the quality of the bucks taken.

How do you hunt?

All hunting is done out of portable ladder and tripod stands. These are large stands with swivel seats and gun rests. We hunt all day, and as previously indicated most of our bucks are taken during the middle of the day. So a comfortable stand with a solid rest is a necessity.

How do I communicate with my guide?

We can provide two-way radios and also use cellphones to call or text message the hunters. There is good cell service in most of the areas so a lot of our guys like to utilize them. Communication is very important as a guide may have to move you at a moment’s notice if he gets onto a “hot” area and needs a hunter there. The guides will pre-arrange times to contact you so they can stay up to date on the action you are encountering throughout the day.

Where will my guide be while I am hunting?

The guides will be in the area scouting and looking for future stand sites. Bush deer will move and it is important to stay on top of them to effectively hunt them where they are not where they “were”. Our results come from effort and you will see a lot of this throughout your hunt.

Is there a problem traveling with a rifle?

Actually it is pretty easy. We provide the forms required for entry into Canada with a firearm. They are mailed out well in advance and include detailed instructions on completing them properly.

How cold will it be and what type of clothing is best?

Weather can really fluctuate in this part of the world. We highly recommend multiple layers of clothing – coats, bib, overalls, etc. Fleece and wool continue to be the best, being quiet and warm. A good pair of felt pack boots is also a must. You will not be doing a lot of walking so the bulkier, warmer boots are best. It is by far the best cold weather gear available today. You can call 1-800-387-2836 and ask for Susan. Their stuff is great!

Should I bring any scents, lures, rattling antlers, grunt calls, etc?

We do not recommend the use of any of the above items as they may negatively affect deer movement in the area you are hunting. There are many reasons for this request and our most successful hunters year in and year out do not use any of the above tactics.

How do I get my antlers and capes home?

We provide vinyl tubs with lids (including cable ties to secure the lid) to transport antlers and capes back to the US via airlines. These tubs are approved for airline travel. We can also recommend local award winning taxidermists if you do not have one that you would like to use in your area.

What if my question isn't covered here?

No problem. Just call, write or email us and we will be happy to help in any way we can. We love talking deer anytime of the year!